Graduation 2015

Fall 2015 edition

More than 300 graduates were recognized at the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications Graduate Recognition Ceremony and Hooding on May 16, 2015. Anyone who graduated December 2014-December 2015 was recognized. 

Notable this year was the J-School’s first doctoral graduate, Nathan Rodriguez, who taught classes in the school this fall. 

Giving this year’s graduate address was Brian Bracco (BSJ 1973), vice president and general manager of 41 Action News and 38 The Spot in Kansas City. In his speech, Bracco told graduates he wanted them to take the letters “P” and “C” with them. 

The “P” stands for passion. “Your professors and parents can teach you many things about life,” Bracco said, “but they cannot teach you passion. Please find your passion in life. All the great leaders that I have met or studied have that one quality: passion! 
Think of your mentors, your favorite professor or people you admire. I suspect it is their passion that makes them special.”

The “C” is for change, he told the graduates. “Change is the only constant in our lives. Today you will leave here no longer a student. That is change … Have a passion and embrace all the changes that are coming your way.”

Bracco ended his address with a poem his father shared with him when he was 16 years old: Rudyard Kipling’s “If.”

See a LifeTouch photo gallery of the recognition ceremony below. 
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