In memoriam

Fall 2016 Edition

Charles Merrell ("Chuck") Berg, a 1967 J-School graduate, died July 26, 2016, in Lawrence at age 75. Read his obituary.

Bill Brown, who taught briefly at the J-School and was editor of newspapers in Hutchinson and Garden City, died Sept. 10 in Kansas City at age 91. Read his obituary.

John Buzbee, 1989 J-School graduate, died Sept. 15 in Washington, D.C. Buzbee was a Foreign Service officer who served across the Middle East, including two stints in Iraq after the 2003 U.S. invasion. Read his obituary here.

Robert E. Curtright

Robert E. Curtright

Robert E. Curtright, 1966 J-School graduate and former Wichita Eagle movie and TV critic, died Dec. 11 at the age of 72. Read his obituary.

Lorry Glawe Dreyer, 1972 J-School graduate, died May 11 at her home in Leawood, Kansas. Read her obituary.

Gayle Trigg Hoshour, 1972 J-School graduate, died April 23 in Orange Park, Florida. Read her obituary.

Elizabeth Iliff, A 1974 J-School graduate, died June 7 in Atlanta. Read her obituary.  

Linda Gail Johnson, 1975 J-School graduate, died Oct. 31, 2016, in Cottonwood, Arizona. Read her obituary.

Lawrence Knupp, 1975 J-School graduate, died Sept. 7 in Lodi, Wisconsin, at the age of 74. Read his obituary.

David G. Manley, 1990 J-School graduate, died Nov. 20 in Lenexa, Kansas, at age 72. Read his obituary.

Dean F. Mohlstrom, 1959 J-School graduate, died Feb. 21 in Temple, Texas, at the age of 82. Read his obituary.

Susan Brimacombe Paulsell, 1970 J-School graduate, died May 24 at the age of 67. Read her obituary.

Darrell Preston, a 1983 J-School graduate and Bloomberg News business journalist, died Oct. 24, 2016, at the age of 55. Read his obituary.

Marynell Reece, a 1942 KU graduate who majored in journalism, died July 4 in Scandia, Kansas. Reece served on the KU Endowment Association Board of Trustees, the Jayhawks for Higher Education lobbying state legislators on behalf of KU, and on the Advisory Council on Education as well as the Fund for the Improvement of Secondary Education. She received KU's Fred Ellsworth Medallion in 1978 and the Distinguished Service Citation in 1993. Read her obituary.

John Roberts, 1977 J-School graduate, died Aug. 20 in Newtown, Pennsylvania, at the age of 61. Read his obituary.

Lydia A. Schmidt, 1992 J-School graduate, died May 13 in Topeka, Kansas, at the age of 49. Read her obituary.

Claire Louise Schiesser Stockton, 1947 J-School graduate, died April 27 in Kingsville, Texas, at the age of 90. Read her obituary.

Gregory S. Tyree, 2005 J-School graduate and former KU football player, died May 21 at the age of 34. Read his obituary.

Jennifer K. Wallace, 1996 J-School graduate, died Sept. 17 in Kansas City, Missouri. Read her obituary.

Thomas F. Wobker, 1967 J-School graduate, died April 23 in Spokane, Washington, at the age of 71. Read his obituary.