Introducing ‘Star Trek’ to the next generation

Spring 2017 Edition

Kevin Dilmore uses his comic writing passion for his latest issue with the sci-fi book series

Kevin Dilmore

Kevin Dilmore

Kevin Dilmore has written or co-written about 30 published stories in the last 17 years, but his latest is one of his favorites.

Dilmore (j'88) and co-author Dayton Ward’s latest collaboration, “Star Trek Waypoint #2,” was released to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek series.

IDW Publishing released this limited-edition comic book in order to celebrate the television show, but according to Dilmore, it is a way to show the comic that he loved growing up to a younger generation getting interested in the series for the first time.

 “The stories were pretty hokey. The original writers for the story weren’t working with the decades of content like we are nowadays,” Dilmore said. “They just went with what they had and let their imaginations run a little wild. So we wrote a story that kind of falls into that vein and a tip of the hat to the people who were doing it when I was a kid.”

"Star Trek Waypoint #2" follows the adventure of Kirk and Spock as they discover dangerous robots on an unidentified planet.

In terms of combining Dilmore’s experience in comics with his writing partner, the decision has been beneficial in his journalism career.

Star Trek: Waypoint #2
By Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Sam Maggs

“It’s been terrific. I love collaboration for things I really enjoy,” Dil-more said. “I am very much an 'all of us is smarter than one of us' kind of person, especially when it comes to creativity.”

The overall goal with Dilmore and his work in comics is to combine his passion with a topic that inspires.

“You make time for what really inspires and drives you,” Dilmore said. “Sometimes, that inspiration might come between midnight and three in the morning. A deadline drives any project in the sense of it gets completed, but I don’t know if I ever had a strict regimen. I never structured myself like that. Like anybody else, I probably had more on my plate than I should’ve, but we do what we do.”

With many projects in the works with comics and Hallmark for 2017, the next project that he aspires to accomplish is in film.

–– Nashia Baker is a senior from Lansing, Kansas, studying news and information.