Letter from the editor

Spring 2017 Edition

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As J-School graduates, most of us can relate to this experience: you tell people you have a journalism degree, and they immediately assume you are a reporter. And although many of us had plans to become reporters the first day we stepped foot in the J-School, on our last day it turned out that we had decided on one of the many other career options available with our journalism degrees. But for many, even if they weren’t reporters, that didn’t mean they didn’t want to be writers.

In putting together the last few editions of the Jayhawk Journalist, I noticed a theme among the updates for the Class Notes section: many of our alumni had recently written books. So I thought it would be interesting to showcase some of their new books, but I had no idea what a treasure trove it would turn out to be. 

One detailed her journey after a horrific injury; one wrote a book about campus safety and college debt; one writes comic books and science fiction. The fiction writers include one who writes Amish romance novels, and other writers draw on their own history and life experiences in their fiction works. And one has published books about his photography from all over the world.

I was quite impressed by these Jayhawk Journalists and the variety of topics that they are writing about. Impressed, but not surprised because I know that a journalism degree can take you anywhere, and if you are an author you can take others there with you. I hope you enjoy the stories behind the stories as much as I did.

Julie Adam
Editor, Jayhawk Journalist