Alumni Authors


Journalists have a knack for observing the world, and it's a knack that few other professions relish in.

So many writers have walked through the halls of Stauffer-Flint. Several have gone on to write books, using those observant eyes and finding any free time to get ink to the paper. 

Below are a few Jayhawk Journalists who have published books recently. Clicking on the name will take you to a more in-depth story on each.

Fall 2017 Edition


Brock Car

When Brock Car wrote her first book, "Dead Behind The Eyes," a psychological thriller published in 2014, it was hard for her to find the focus to sit and write. Eventually, she was able to finish it — she attributes that to the deadline, which she's never missed. She's already completed her second book, with the working title, "The Cure For All Things," and is in the process of looking for a publisher.

Danny Clinkscale

For all his time as a sports broadcaster at Sports Radio 810 WHB-AM, Danny Clinkscale showed with his first book that there's a lot going on in his life outside of his voice on local radio. His book, "Leaving Cancer for the Circus: an American Odyssey Inspired by Love and Recovery," is a meandering journey from Clinkscale's cancer diagnosis, stories of his past, his time covering the Royals' World Series, and his love for his wife. Clinkscale calls it a diary of the 10-day road trip he took all alone through the middle of the United States. Either way, it's a book of self-reflection, self-realization, and fulfilling stories from one of Kansas City's top sports broadcasters and 1983 journalism school graduate.



Julie Eberle Pelaez

Julie Eberle Pelaez turned her commitment to nutrition and wellness into a program to help others begin the transformational journey to better health. Pelaez co-founded The Conscious Cleanse with her friend Jo Schaalman, first as a workshop and then an online program, and then they wrote a book and created a website. Thousands of people have participated in their "14-Day Cleanse" and have reaped the benefits of improving their diet and their mindset toward food.